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The Production:

That Thing In August

Rolling Sky Productions return with Giant Olive and Sprout Ideas for a full summer of madness!!! One month!! 64 Shows!!!!

Not to be missed That Thing In August will be the best festival this summer bringing theatre shows, new writing, comedy shows, improvisation shows, childrens shows, and much more!

Plenty of things for the whoel family to get their laughing tackle around and give it a jolly good strecth out!!!

Tickets: £10 (Full)/£8 (Conc)


Featuring great acts such as - Andi Osho, Christian Rrilly, Felix Dexter, Nick Doody, Shazia Mirza, and Matt Welcome (pictured respectively)



TSC - The Shopping Channel

Written by Zoe Abbott, David Bourn & Alasdair Buddington


RSP produced a work in progress performance of "TSC - The Shopping Channel" as part of 'That Thing In August'


TSC is a concept for a sitcom pitched somewhere between a comedy drama and a sketch show. Its both and its neither. Its something more and something new.


Its been developed over the last couple of years - with sketches surfacing independently in various comedy sho

ws performed by various performers. Tonight for the first time the sketches appear together in one show. There are many more sketches than can possibly be included in one hour - this is just a taster - but hopefully this show will give you a flavour of the style and content.


The Production:



Giant Olive, Rolling Sky Productions and Sprout Ideas have joined forces again to bring you a week of comedy improvisation. Have your throats cleared, your wits sharpened, your passion for randomness ignited as you shout out your ideas to make the night as funny and laugh out loud as possible.

You create the piece (a la ‘Whose Line is it anyway?’) and our actors will do the rest.

It’s fun and games... Impro Style!

We have games shows, shortform shows, longform shows and for those who like their comedy scripted we have Sketch Show Saturday with 4 surreal sketch groups all featuring top improvisers including Gareth Kane (Scratch Impro) Cariad Lloyd (Mixt Nutz, Showstopper!), James Brunskill (Impro Central), Dan March (Scratch Impro) etc.

The Production:

The Hang Of The Gaol

by Howard Barker

presented by Rolling Sky Productions

directed by Doug Rollins

Theatre in 1978. It is a study in guilt and collusion. With its topicality undiminished, it takes the lid off one of the most enclosed institutions in this or any society - the prison. When a fire demolishes the Governor's pride, subsequent investi...gation turns up more shame than the authorities deem acceptable. A cover-up is required, and George Jardine, the most unconventional of civil servants, near retirement and hungry for a knighthood, is recruited for the task.

Howard Barker shows remarkable candour in both his subject matter and his iconoclastic use of the language. This original and poetic manipulation of speech and metaphor has created a vivid theatrical medium for which he is justly celebrated. His theatre is ruthlessly inventive and makes few concessions, but as he himself has written,`Nothing in my plays is incredible. It is the world which is incredible.'

The Production:


A devilishly angelic comedy by Oliver Lansley.

Directed by David Bourn.

You're young, free and single and haven't had sex for the last eleven and a half months, then one morning you wake up pregnant, with the Angel Gabriel on your doorstep claiming parentage.

Oliver Langley’s ‘Immaculate’ quickly spirals into farcical confusion with no fewer than three more potential fathers claiming parentage: one of them an ex-boyfriend, one of them a nerdish contemporary from school that you wouldn't be seen dead with, and the third is Satan himself! However, through all the laughter it still addresses important modern day issues about religion, relationships and life. Could today’s world really handle an immaculate conception???

The Production:


An unforgettable new comedy by David Tristram.

Directed by David Bourn.

Imagine the plight of poor Robert Zeinfeld. Found wandering the streets of Leicester at 4am, without even the slightest clue how he got there, he has total amnesia and only a bruised head and a suspicious policeman for company. Not an experience you’d forget in a hurry.

But then again, you have to see it from the policeman’s point of view. Perhaps this Zeinfeld character’s not what he seems? Perhaps he’s got something to hide? Perhaps he hasn’t lost his memory at all? Perhaps it’s all an elaborate cover-up for… well, something or other.

Featuring fickle witnesses, fearsome wives, foul-play and frying-pans, Forget-Me-Knot is a hilarious


new comedy that’s even more twisted than a buckled slinky.